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Flame Lily

768 - Flame Lily - Gloriosa Superba

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United Kingdom

Could someone please tell me what type of plant this is

Photographer: Elaine

Picture Rating: 8.00

Japanese Maple

634 - Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum var, dissectum - 'Inaba shidar' - 2.5m

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Garden/Wisley/United Kingdom

Photographer: keef121212

Picture Rating: 8.00


673 - Wisteria - Wisteria floribunda - 'Rosea' - 30m

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Garden/Ipswich/United Kingdom

Photographer: Highfield

Picture Rating: 8.00

Thorn Apple

354 - Thorn Apple - Datura stramonium - 1m

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This plant appeared in our vegetable garden, it had long narrow white trumpet shaped flowers that became large spiky seed heads. Can anyone tell me what it is please?

Photographer: Viv

Picture Rating: 7.00


730 - Iris - Iris

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Garden/United Kingdom

Photographer: Lesley

Picture Rating: 6.00

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