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Plant Photography Database

The database contains 797 pictures of 451 different species.



The Plant Database

The plant database has been created to allow easy access to photography of all kinds of plant life in order to aid identify plants you may see in your garden or on holiday from all around the world.

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Our easy to use search facilities allow you to browse the photos by region or species. For example, if you're heading off to Tobago on holiday and want to have a look at what you might see whilst walking through the rainforest, then just type "Tobago" into the country field above and hit the search button. If you've seen a spotted some Heliconia and wonder exactly what it's called, try entering "Heliconia" into the "Family" field and hitting search. For some of the most common families, we've included some shortcuts in the menu.


Photographs can be rated by registered users. Simply sign up view the pictures and click on the "Rate Photo" link. It's free to register, so join in and help improve this online resource. The section Top Photos displays the photos in the database in order of the average scores each photo has received through user ratings.


If you have taken any plant photos, don't just file them away where they never get seen by anyone. Help us to make this database bigger and better for the benefit of everyone that's interested in plant life, by joining up and submitting your photos to be included in the Plant Database. It's free to register with us and submit them. When you register, you choose a name to be displayed alongside any of the photos that you submit. The act of submitting photos to us grants us permission to display the photos on this site, but you naturally retain full Copyright should any publishers spot your photographs and be interested in using them.

When you are logged in, a "My Pictures" entry becomes available in the menu, which takes you to a complete listing of all of the pictures you submitted, so wherever you go, you can always easily show your friends your picture collection.


If you are interested in using any of the photos shown on this site for any commercial purpose, please get in touch with us and we will contact the Copyright owner. Photos are displayed with a unique integer id, which you can use to describe exactly which photos you are interested in. Many of the photos have a much higher resolution than you intially see when searching, as we scale all the pictures to a width of 600 pixels. Click on any picture to see the highest resolution version of the photo.


We now include all of the main references that we use to identify plants on our new Online Shop.

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